An Object Following a Path (Guide, Motion Path)

An object following a path is an animation fundamental. This is a new version of that includes inserting key frames. This method is the most flexible, it gives an ipo (interpolation) curve that can be edited in the graph editor.

I had an email from dvegamar who pointed out that you can still animate follow path without key frames in version 2.55 with the following steps.

Actually you don´t need to set the key frames.
Starting with an empty space,
1-create an object (cube ie)
3-select both, the object and then the path (in this order, ) and then ctrl+P
4-select the follow path option
with alt+a should start running.
5- select the path and go to object data and move the frames to change speed

I have tried this and is works fine, it also shows that you do not have to use the ‘Follow Path’ constraint to make an object follow a path, just making the path the object’s parent is sufficient.

Click here for the file followPath256.blend, here is the updated tutorial –

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