Animation Session 10

Make a Short Movie

Have you made an animation consisting of at least three scenes? (e.g. a jet takes off, the jet does a maneuver, the jet lands). Can you produce a video file from your scenes that includes sound, music, titles and credits?

You need to learn how to –

  • Add sound – sound effects, music and voice overs.
  • Create titles and credits, animating text to put titles at the beginning of the animation and credits at the end.
  • Use Blender’s integrated video editing system, Blender has a built in video NLE (non linear editing) system. It is very powerfull because you can mix and match video, still images, sound files and 2D and 3D animation. Render it all together to make a video.

Click here for the Making a Short Movie with Titles and Credits page.

If you want to make a 2D animated movie then look at the tutorials on the the 2D page.