Animation Session 8

More Character Animation

The Google Android and the CubeeCraft rigs had very simple armatures (six bones) which is good for beginners but will not allow natural motion.

The two rigs developed in this session have more bones –

  • Monkey robot – Rig made from cubes and cylinders
  • Stick man – Rig with a simple deforming skin

The armatures have elbow, knee and neck joints that allow for reasonably natural movement.

The bone structure is not that different to armatures that come from motion capture data that gives very good natural movement (looked at in next session).

The target for the session is to make animations using the monkey robot rig and the stick man, for instance, make them walk.

You do not have to make the rigs from scratch (you can download them), but it is recommended that you watch all the rig building tutorials for at least one (preferably both).

Click here for the monkey robot page.

Click here for the stick man page.