blend4web Materials For The Internet

blend4web Material Library – Chrome & Glass Plus Reflections & Shadows

  • start reflective metal file – metalTut10a.blend
  • dining table before library materials added – tableB4W1a.blend
  • dining table scene – on the Internet
  • Note: No finished dining table file because the library materials do no easily pack into the Blender file

Normal Maps, How To Add 3D Surface Detail, Making An Embossed Logo & Bumpy Matte/Gloss Materials

Matcaps Quick & Easy Materials For The 3D Web What Are They? How Do They Work?

Material Library Node Trees & How To Add A Material Core Only

finished file – coreTut13.blend

Using A Texture Image As A Bump Map, Using The Bump Node To Add Surface Detail To A Model

finished file – bumpTut14.blend

Reflections, Set the Plane of Reflection, Reflecting Skys and the Fresnel Effect

finished file – reflectTut20.blend

Ambient Occlusion

finished file – ssaoTut17.blend