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New Tutorial – Introduction to the Game Engine Making a Simple Ball Game

A new tutorial showing how to use Blender version 2.56 to make a simple ball game from scratch.

The game consists of a ball resting on a plane, by pressing the arrow keys the plane rotates and the ball rolls. The object of the game is to get the ball to roll into holes made in the plane.

The tutorial shows how to use the logic editor window, detecting the pressing of the arrow keys and rotating the plane.

The sphere is added to the scene and its physics properties need to be set.

Click here for the tutorial page.

New Tutorial – Writing a Python Script that Creates a Simple 3D Model

Every time I make a new tutorial a new beta is released that changes it! The people behind Blender are doing a brilliant job creating fantastic software for free and it cannot be easy. In version 2.56, the  ‘Report’ view of the Python console has moved to the ‘Info’ window. The ‘Scripting’ layout has not been changed to reflect this, you need to go to the bottom right window and change it from ‘Python Console’ to ‘Info’ and then the tutorial matches.

When you work in the 3D view, Blender converts your actions into API (application programming interface) commands. The Info window (Python console in report view in older versions) displays these commands and you can copy and paste them into a Python script.

This tutorial shows how to make a simple model of a monkey man. The commands used are – adding meshes, scaling, moving, rotating duplicating.

Click here for the tutorial page.

New Tutorial – Adding and Editing Text

The new tutorial shows the basics of adding and editing text, changing the font and other text properties. In this tutorial I put text on the faces of a dice, creating simple model of a dice (using Blender 2.55, there are some differences in 2.56 but nothing fundamental). Click here for the tutorial page.

I use the same method to label scores in a simple game I am making using the Blender game engine, tutorial to follow soon.

New Tutorial – Creating a Snow Effect using a Particle System

Actually there are two tutorials, the first shows how to make a simple model of a snowflake and the second shows how to replace particles with the snowflake model.  The tutorial shows how to alter the settings of the particle system and the collision properties of an objects hit by the snow to make the effect realistic or fun.

Click here for the snow page

Updated Tutorial – An Object Following a Path (Guide, Motion Path)

In versions before 2.55 adding the ‘Follow Path’ constrain was enough to make an object follow a path, inserting key frames was not necessary. Adding key frames gives an interpolation curve that can be edited to give fine control over the animation.

I have had an email from dvegamar who showed me a way of following a path without key frames that works in 2.55, go to the page for the details.

New Animation Tutorial – Punching,Creating, Making a Circular Hole

This tutorial shows one way to make a circular hole in a plane, I am sure there are others. In 2D vector packages and 3D packages this is often done by using Boolean operators or a punch operator.  In Blender you have to do a little more work but it does make you think more about the process, click here for the tutorials page.

I wanted to make a circular hole in a plane because I want to use it in a game I am working on using the Blender game engine, tutorials to follow.

HD (High Definition) tutorials from now on

HD (High Definition) tutorials from now on – the latest tutorial is in HD which allows full screen viewing without the picture becoming too blurry. If you have a reasonably fast connection make sure you choose the HD option to get the better picture.  I am using voice instructions instead of text because the only HD video editing package I have is Blender which works great until I try to render a big file and then crashes almost immediately.