Making a Methane Molecule

methTut15.blend – finished methane molecule model

Making A Water Molecule Using Open Babel to Convert Formats and ChemSpider as Source

Using Open Babel to Generate 3D Data to Make Models of Molecules Part 1 Ethene

Using Open Babel to Make Models of Molecules Part 2 Ethane, Ethyne & Benzene Ring

Import and Edit a Spherical Fullerene and a Nanotube

Making a 3D Model of Graphene

graphTut24.blend – finished file from tutorial

Using the Free Program Jmol to Look at Chemical Structures and Exporting to Blender

Importing a Molecule Using the Protein Data Bank Add On, Making a DNA Animation

DNA Modelling Part 1 Making Base Pairs to Store the Codes A(red),C(yellow),G(green),T(blue)

DNA Modelling Part 2 Putting the Base Pairs Together in a Sequence, Adding a Twist