Game Design Session 7

Creating a 2D Style Game Example 1 – Shoot ’em Up

The animation course shows that Blender is a powerful tool for making 2D animation. Similarly Blender can be used to make 2D games and 2D style games.

Shoot ’em up games, involve something, usually at the bottom of the screen, firing things at targets, usually at the top of the screen e.g. space invaders, galaxians.

Basic Concepts –

  • how to fire an object (bullet, missile, projectile, etc)
  • how to fire while moving
  • how to generate targets
  • how to detect hitting a target
  • how to make the target explode

Click here for the shoot ’em up page.

The tutorials cover the basics, they do not show –

  • how the targets could fire at the user
  • how to have different targets
  • how to add sound effects and music
  • how to have levels with each have more complex game play

How could you develop a shoot ’em up game?