Game Design Session 9

Add Bricks

  • building blocks/construction toys are fun for young children and older children
  • making models from component objects is a technique in itself
  • building materials simulations are useful for architects and civil engineers
  • Try designing games that involve blocks like Jenga and dominoes

There are lots of potential applications.

Using the Blender Game Engine to Make an Add Bricks Application

The following tutorial shows how you can make simple brick models in an application made in the game engine (using only logic bricks, no coding). The simple app is very limited, it does not allow you to –

  • save and re-load models
  • delete bricks
  • export models

These problems could be solved with a lot of coding but it would also be possible to make brick games like Jenga, where it is not necessary to save models or delete bricks.


Turning Blender Itself into an Add Bricks App Using Scripting to Extend the User Interface

All the problems of using the game engine can easily be solved by turning Blender itself into and adding bricks application. The following tutorial shows how buttons can be added to the user interface so that bricks can be added and moved in Blender.

Turning Blender Itself into an Add Bricks App Using Drivers

The following tutorial uses ‘drivers’, drivers control properties of objects and are usually used to animate an objects. In the following tutorial drivers are used to control the scale, rotation and location of bricks.