Importing Motion Capture (bvh) Files into Blender

New video tutorial – Click here for the Motion Capture Page.

Files used in the tutorial –

basicArmatureV1aTutFinal.blend – Append from this file to get the 3D parts to link to the armature

motionTut16.blend – File created in tutorial

rigWithActions3.blend – File with finished rig


Blender Motion Capture Tutorial from 3D Artist magazine

Motion capture data BVH tools and files – Blender Nation post with links to the sites below plus more – source and instructions for bvhacker utility software. – sources of free bvh files

Michael D’Andrea BVH file repository – Michael has imported various bvh files into Blender 2.49, Michael stored the original bvh file scripts with the files and these were the ones used in the tutorial


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