Modelling Session 5

The target for this session is to make a chair, knife and fork.

The chair tutorial uses a technique that is often called ‘box modelling’. When a subdivision surface modifier is active, in edit mode you see the original mesh in orange, forming a bounding ‘cage’ (or box) and you see the subdivided mesh inside.

I found the fork more difficult than I expected and you may find the same.

Do not worry if you find any of the models difficult to make, you can always used my models in the final dining scene.

Click here for the dining table page

When you have completed the chair and the knife and looked at the fork, you need to think about what other models you are going to put in the scene, they could include –

table, chairs, cutlery, crockery, glassware, salt & pepper, bottles, decorations, candles, mats, table cloth, food and anything else you can think of.

A bowl can be made using exactly the same method as the wine glass (goblet). The same method can be used to make plates and a vase.

You could use the same techniques for making the table as for making the chair, there are lots of ways you could make a table.