Modelling Session 6

As mentioned in session 3, making the 3D shape is only part of making a model, you also have to work on the material the object is made from.

Fundamental to realistic materials is the ability to map 2D texture files to 3D meshes.

The main targets for this session is to map an image of the planet earth to a sphere,  to make a Coke can and to map a cactus texture to the model of a cactus.

It would be good experience to also map images to the faces of a cube (Beatles and NES) and use other projections like mapping a camouflage pattern to a jet plane.

Click here for the UV Mapping page

Optional – CubeeCraft provide lots of character that can be used in animation and games. Map their templates to Blender cubes –

Click here for the CubeeCraft page