Ten Pin Bowling Game

How To Make The Basic Game, Setting Up The Physics

The tutorial shows how to make the alley, the ball and how to append a ready made skittle, into a 3D scene.

The tutorial shows how to set up the ‘physics’ for the objects and how to duplicate the skittle to make ten pins.

The following are the extra lines of code that are added to the JavaScript file to give the ball an initial velocity –

var m_scenes = require("scenes");
var m_phys = require("physics");

 var ball = m_scenes.get_object_by_name("Sphere");
 m_phys.apply_velocity_world(ball, 0, 15, 0)

Pressing The Space Bar To Start The Ball

This tutorial has a detailed description of the JavaScript code, if you not interested in the detail you may want to skip onto the next tutorial.

file with extra code needed – my_skittles_shoot_only.js

Moving The Ball Left & Right to Aim

Detect & Display the Score

Reset Ball For Second Attempt