Animation Session 1

The target for this session is to make the jet taking off scene and the jet doing a victory roll.

Before you can think about targets, can you get something to move? Watch the following tutorial and from experience plenty of my students did not get the cube to move.

My students teased me about the rhyme used in the tutorial but I use it and I usually get things to move.

To get something to move you need at least two keyframes and the property that is keyframed must change. My rhyme is useful for setting up a keyframe in the correct order.

Inserting Keyframes, Getting the Cube to Move

Blender takes care of the frames in-between keyframes for you.  For example if you keyframe the location of the cube, Blender works out the location for all the frames in-between the two keyframes. This process is called ‘interpolation’.

The graph editor is a useful and powerful tool for animators. It can be used to control how Blender interpolates between keyframes, which can have a big affect on the animation or can be useful for fine tuning.

Using the Graph Editor and Interpolation Modes

The following tutorials animate location and rotation –

Jet Manoeuvre the Loop the Loop By Multiple Keyframes and by Moving the Origin

To get a feel for using keyframes, it is important to experiment. This tutorial shows two ways of animating a jet doing a ‘loop the loop’.  It is important for developing skills to look at different methods. The best way of animating, path animation, is not shown in this tutorial, it is covered in the next session.

File used at the beginning of the tutorial – jet model – jetTut18a.blend

Click the link and download the file and use it to complete the tutorial –

Jet Plane Manoeuvre a Victory Roll

File used at the beginning of the tutorial – jet model – jetTut18a.blend

Jet Taking Off – Part 1 Inserting Keyframes and Using the Graph Editor

File used at the beginning of the tutorial – jet model – jetTut18.blend

Jet Taking Off  – Part 2 Ground Plane, Runway, Sky and Camera Angles