Animation Session 9

Motion Capture

The target for this session is to connect the stick man skin to a motion capture armature and to connect the monkey robot body parts to a motion capture armature.

Animating a character using motion capture data has the advantage that the motion is real and natural. There is a lot of free motion capture data that can be downloaded from the Internet.

Using Motion Capture Data with the Stick Man Skin

The stick man body (skin) is made using the Skin modifier. There are three tutorials at the end of the page that show how to link the stick man to motion capture armatures.

Click here for stick man page.

Using Motion Capture Data with the Monkey Robot Mesh Objects

With the monkey robot charater, the body is made up of cubes and cylinders. Each body part has to be connected to a corresponding bone. With hands and feet included the monkey robot has five cubes, nine cylinders and monkey head, fifteen mesh objects in total.

I am in the process of updating the tutorials, click here for the original tutorials.

Other Tutorials

If you want more practise, click here for the Armature Rigging -Skinning page.