Game Design Course

Course Overview


Before starting the course, if you are new to Blender, it is strongly recommended that you do the ‘getting started‘ short course.

Modelling skills are not essential but are recommended, so consider doing the modelling course first. Animation skills are useful, particularly for controlling characters, so also consider doing the animation course.

Aim of Course

The aim of the course is to experiment with a range of different games to develop game making skills.

You should aim to change and develop, at least one game, enough to be able to say that it is your own design.

Sessions Outline

1. Ball games – simple ball game
2. Ball games – ten pin bowling
3. Controlling a character – setting up the character
4. Controlling a character – walk around collecting
5. Car simulation – drive around collecting
6. Car simulation – two cars racing
7. 2D/3D – Shoot ’em up
8. 2D/3D – Pong
9. Building games – add bricks
10 Odds and ends, and review