Game Design Session 1


People have different learning styles and different time commitments, so for each session there is a minumum target and other targets for people who have more time.

Minimum Target

Don’t make the game board, download it by clicking the following link –

Start file – logicTut1.blend

The minimum target is to complete the following two tutorials –

Making a Ball Game Using Logic Bricks

End file – logicTut14.blend

Developing the Game by Adding a Score

Start file – logicTut14.blend

End file – scoreTut12.blend

Other Targets

You need to decide whether you want to learn broad or deep. Having a broad knowledge, you would be able to make a game of any genre to a basic level. Having a deep knowledge, you would specialise in one or two genres and take them to a more advanced level.

If you spend a lot of time on a genre that does not interest you, you could give up, so don’t be afraid to skip things, you can always go back later.

If you have got time and interest, you could complete all the ball game tutorials, design your own boards and develop the game into a multi-level game.

If you have less time, it is worth at least having a quick look at all the tutorials, to see what they are about, they show techniques that are useful for any game.

Click here for the all the tutorials for the simple ball game.

As this is an online course you can do things in any order so you might want to skip ahead to a game genre that particularly interests you.