Game Design Session 10

Odds & Ends

  • Using the Blender Game Engine and Python Scripting to Write Programs
  • Educational Applications
  • Trains in the Game Engine

Using the Blender Game Engine and Python Scripting to Write Basic Programs

The Blender Game Engine and the Python API game modules provide a programming/development environment.

For beginners, the first program usually created is a “hello world” program, a program that outputs a string of characters. The second program typically written is an input, process and output program, where the process is usually a simple calculation.

Click here for tutorials at the Input, Process and Output page.

Educational Applications

Newton’s 2nd law gives the formula F = ma (Force = mass x acceleration)

A tutorial shows how to make an application where the user can vary the force and mass and see the resultant acceleration.

When molecules have enough energy to become a gas they exhibit Brownian motion.

Click here for tutorials at the Physics Simulation page.

Trains in the Game Engine

Make a train simulation game where the user can start/stop trains and change tracks. They can also press a key to blow the horn!

Baking animations to play in the game engine: An animation of a train following a path can be created using path animation. Animations can be played in the game engine using an action actuator, the actuator plays actions (stored animations). Path animation cannot be saved as actions but it can be converted (baked) into keyframes that can be stored as actions.

Experimenting with the Steering Actuator: The steering actuator was not really designed for controlling vehicles, but this tutorial shows that it can be used and the user can choose the target.

Click here for the train tutorials page.