Game Design Session 4

Making a Walk Around Collecting Game

The target for this session is to make the basic game. The previous session looked at controlling a character, in this session we will use the character to make a simple game.

The tutorials look at the following –

  • creating a game where you control a character
  • collecting objects
  • obstacles and health
  • multiple scenes including overlay scenes
  • ‘head up’ displays
  • multiple cameras
  • making a standalone version of a game

Click here for the walk around game new page.

Game Design and Improvements

Platform genre games like Marion Bros and Sonic involve collecting objects. First person shooter games usually involve collecting objects aswell as shooting things.

In this version of the game all the objects have to be collected to complete the level/game. An alternative would be to have a timer (see simple ball game) to make the objective a highest score.

The character could be walking round a historic scene, a Tudor ship or a Roman villa, collecting artefacts. The character could be walking around an art gallery with a certain amount of money to spend.

Improvements –

  • Sound effects (see drive around collecting game)
  • Multiple levels
  • Use Collision sensors rather than Near sensors
  • Use Character Physics (jump, ramps and stairs)

Click here for the walk around game old page.