Game Design Session 8

Pong and Other 2D Ball and Bat Games

Pong was one of the earliest sport computer games. It spawned other bat and ball games like breakout. There is a version of a bat and ball game made for a virtual reallity helmets where the player moves the bat by moving their head.

The tutorial covers the basics, it shows –

  • how to set up physics properties and give the ball an initial velocity
  • how to move the bats
  • how to score
  • how to reset the ball’s velocity

How could you develop the Pong game?

  • make it easier to change the angle of the ball as it hits the bat
  • add sound effects and music
  • being able to alter the level of difficulty

There is plenty of scope for development and you could think about 2D and 3D versions of breakout.

Make a ‘Pong’ Game in Ten Minutes

Click here for file created in the tutorial – pongTut20a.blend