Modelling Course

Course Overview

Before You Start

You will need Blender installed and you will need to do the short ‘Getting Started‘ Course.

Aim of Course

The aim of the course is to create a chess set and a dining table scene as well as other models that will develop your skills.

The course is free, I hope you enjoy it and learn from it. I recommend that you also look at the many other Blender resources that are available online.

The course is divided into ten sessions. With all the materials online, you can go at the pace that suits you. Remember it is not a race and you often learn more when you experiment.

When the course is ‘presented’ each session will be linked to a week and I will monitor the comments of the tutorials for that week and reply if I can help.

Sessions Outline

  1. Modelling – pawn, bishop (red jet, android)
  2. Modelling – Goblet (wine glass), spoon (car, shorts)
  3. Materials – metal, colour beach balls, generated textures chess board
  4. Modelling – knight, other chess pieces (sports car, boots)
  5. Modelling – Chair, knife, fork (chest)
  6. Materials – UV mapping – regular shapes; globe, Coke can, beatles cube, NES (spock),  – irregular; cactus, jet plane
  7. Modelling – Curves – bat logo, train track, racing track, egg (train tutorials, upper body)
  8. Materials – Cycles barrels, gems, metals
  9. Modelling- Character and organic modelling – stick man, mask (making a character skin, bat mobile)
  10. Putting it all together – finish chess set & dining room scene (you may also have vehicles, characters and a pirate scene)