Modelling Session 10

The end of the course of is a time for reflection. It is time to consider questions like, why am a learning how to make 3D models ?  Answers might include –

  • it is career area I would like to work in
  • it is becoming a core life skill
  • I enjoy it

You may also ask where do I go from here ? –

  • further developing modelling skills (lots of stuff on the Internet)
  • develop animation, game design, video editing, programming skills (all using Blender)
  • keep learning new skills to make life interesting

What have I got from doing the course?

  • skills and knowledge
  • examples of work for a portfolio

Putting it all together, target – finish chess set & dining room scene

For this course the core targets are the chess set and the dining table scene.

For the chess set you don’t have to make all the pieces, you can download some of them. You don’t have to use my designs (or tutorials). The challenge is to make a chess set, if you make my chess set and then design one of your own, then give yourself a star 🙂

Click here for the chess page

Again for the dining table scene I recommend that you use my tutorial to get you started. I recommend that you make small steps towards designing your own models e.g. having made a wine glass, make a bowl. Try to expand the scene to add models that challenge you.

Click here for the dinner table page

I would love to see chess set and dining table scenes that you have made and with permission I will put them on this site.

And finally…

Hopefully you have made a range of models and some you may be particularly pleased with. If for various reasons you want to share what you have made, technology makes this easy to do so, for example –

  • rendered images of models on social media (Facebook etc)
  • making a rotating animation of your model and uploading it to your YouTube channel (see my dna tutorial)
  • Embed your models in webpages of your website (see my webgl tutorials)

And if you mention my tutorials as well, give yourself another star 🙂