Modelling Session 3

Making a 3D shape is only part of 3D modelling, you also have to work on the material the object is made from.

The target for this session is to make a shiny metal material, to make multi-coloured objects and to use computer generated textures.

Making Shiny Reflective Metals, Steel and Gold Part 1

 Making Shiny Reflective Metals, Steel and Gold Part 2

Colouring Different Selections of a Sphere

finished file – stripyTut14.blend

Making a Chessboard Using the Array Modifier and the Generated Marble Texture

finished model – chessTut9.blend

Optional – when you have completed the materials and the chess board, if you have time and you are eager for more, you might want to try  –


adding colour to Suzanne’s head –

Try making a queen chess piece of silver with a gilt (gold) crown.